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Column: Oscar goes to war

During an Oscar night full of surprises, the biggest upset was the round of "boos" that documentary filmmaker and master of self-aggrandizement Michael Moore received when he dove head first into...


Editorial: Defending freedom

After a rapid and successful beginning to the campaign against Iraq--with coalition airstrikes against Baghdad and other areas of Iraq and in which ground troops have raced across the desert to...


Column: The ghost of Duke past

As I walked to the gym two weeks ago I was shocked by the condition of Krzyzewskiville. I know what you're thinking: Jen at the gym? That's as frequent an occurrence as a solar eclipse. But I digress.


Editorial: Medical exam needed

Two national organizations in charge of the medical licensing exam are going ahead with plans to establish a standardized, national medical licensing exam to test the clinical skills of...


Editorial: Streamlining aid

When a coalition of 29 college and university presidents recently formalized uniform standards for determining how much financial aid undergraduates should qualify for, they took a significant step...