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In defense of medicare for all who want it

(13 hours ago)

Duke students are passionate about addressing healthcare disparities, and many use this passion to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Lately though, as many may have heard from Bernie Sanders’ rally last Friday, a recently popular John Oliver skit and a well-circulated study in the Lancet, the current healthcare system needs systemic change. 

I don't want your 'mental health awareness'

(14 hours ago)

Say what you will about the Duke Confessions Facebook page, but one thing’s for certain: the page sure knows how to evoke a variety of emotions in response to the deepest, darkest thoughts of our fellow Blue Devils. As the page has continued to grow in popularity over the last few months, there’s been no shortage of confessions involving wistful declarations of love, a unified distaste for computer science assignments, interpersonal comparisons of class load and work ethic, and of course, it wouldn’t truly be an elite university’s confessions page without a splash of casual racism and pretension. 

Discover the joy of seafood at Saint James

(16 hours ago)

North Carolina’s seafood culture exists in relative silence. Compared to its more popular regional spins on barbecue, the marine bounties from the state aren’t given much of the spotlight (with the exception of Saltbox Seafood Joint, chronicled on PBS). Saint James is trying to change this. With a menu encompassing a vast spectrum of fish, shellfish, and oyster varieties, the ethos of the restaurant is rooted in providing quality seafood from local sources. I believe it achieves this with grace and impeccable finesse. 

A zeez on a string

(02/20/20 5:00am)

The first step in the assembly of a beetle kite is the acquisition of the beetle. If you find yourself residing in the southwestern United States or Mexico, I suggest you look for a Cotinus Mutablis, or figeater beetle. They can be found feeding near any tree or plant which produces a sweet fruit (the riper the better). I’ve personally had the most success with cacti.