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The art of seeing

(04/25/23 2:06am)

In “Lady Bird,” one of my favorite movies, 17-year-old Christine McPherson wants nothing more than to escape Sacramento and her Catholic high school and enroll in an elite university in a big city on the East Coast. At one point, she shares her college application essay with one of the school’s nuns, who tells McPherson, “You clearly love Sacramento. You write about Sacramento so affectionately and with such care.”

‘At least 10,000 friends’: Keith Upchurch reflects on Nugget’s legacy, Duke community response

(05/20/22 1:24am)

I first met Keith Upchurch, Trinity ’72, and Nugget, his beloved golden retriever, during my first semester at Duke. I would join them on the steps of Marketplace, watching as grinning students stroked Nugget’s fur or fed her slices of apples. 

‘Child of the village’: Elaine O’Neal believes community effort will make Durham a place ‘where everyone belongs’

(10/27/21 3:00am)

The campaign headquarters is a squat, square brick building on a stretch of East Main Street between Rustic Rays Bargain Boutique and the School of Hard Knocks Boxing Gym. It would be easy to miss, except for the sky-blue “Elaine O’Neal For Mayor” signs plastered in neat vertical rows on the front.

Academic Council discusses 2020 faculty survey; shows disparities in race, gender in opinions about faculty environment

(10/22/21 6:49am)

Duke still has a long way to go in helping its female faculty and faculty of color—particularly Hispanic and Black female faculty—feel like they belong and are treated equally, according to the results of the University’s 2020 faculty survey.

Students concerned with delays in official communication after testing positive for COVID-19

(08/31/21 4:57am)

Most Duke students consider notice of a positive COVID-19 test result to be enough bad news for the day. But for many students who contracted the virus in the past week, a positive test result was only the first step in a chaotic, bewildering journey from dorm room to isolation.

‘I wish I could do it forever’: The story of Dean Sue’s decades at Duke, from student to dean to faculty-in-residence

(08/25/21 12:08am)

When I called Sue Wasiolek on a Thursday in late June, it was her final week as faculty-in-residence in Gilbert-Addoms dorm. Earlier that day, she had given a tour of her apartment for the next faculty-in-residence. On Wednesday, she would begin moving her things out.

‘Our time is finite’: Pratt Dean Ravi Bellamkonda talks success, the undergraduate experience and living a good life

(05/24/21 3:29am)

When Ravi Bellamkonda moved from India to the United States on Aug. 26, 1989, he had only $800 with him. Bellamkonda, who is currently Vinik dean of the Pratt School of Engineering, had received a full-ride scholarship to pursue his doctorate at Brown University, but he wouldn’t start receiving funds for another six weeks. 

Dorm room dispatches

(03/22/21 6:39am)

After a spike in COVID-19 cases that administrators attributed to in-person fraternity rush events, Duke issued a weeklong “stay-in-place” order that included a move to online classes, restrictions on when on-campus students could leave their residences and a ban on off-campus students coming to campus except for essential activities. The order ended Sunday at 9 a.m. Here are some moments from a week in lockdown. 

Durham IFC supports stay-in-place rules, promises accountability after virus surge admin attributes to frats

(03/16/21 5:59am)

The Durham Interfraternity Council—the governing body for nine fraternities that recently disaffiliated from the University— expressed support on Monday for Duke’s “stay-in-place” order and announced a new hotline and judicial board to address fraternity violations of Duke’s COVID-19 guidelines.