East Campus Union closed due to COVID-19 outbreak among staff

East Campus Union, which includes Marketplace and Trinity Cafe, will be closed until further notice after several Marketplace dining staff tested positive for COVID-19, according to a Saturday email from Student Affairs.

Transmission of the coronavirus likely occurred between employees who were in close contact with each other, the email read. 

“Duke’s Employee Health team is in the process of contact tracing and investigating those cases right now,” the email read.

With Marketplace and Trinity Cafe closed, students on Meal Plan I—first-years living on East Campus—will have to turn to other options for dining. 

All Board swipes—which normally give access to Marketplace—have been converted to food points, the email read. Duke Dining will also provide catered meals for breakfast and dinner starting with breakfast on March 29. They will be available for students to pick-up from East Campus Union. The email also noted that these meals will be cooked in a separate kitchen facility. 

Also beginning March 29, various food trucks will be providing dinner options in the circle in front of East Campus Union, the email read. According to the Dining Food Truck Calendar, the trucks include Poblanos, Boricua Soul, Gussy’s and more. 

The email did not give notice of when Marketplace would be reopened. 

“We hope to reopen Marketplace as soon as it is advisable to do so, and will keep you updated,” the email read.

This is a developing story and will be updated if more information becomes available.  

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Chris Kuo

Chris Kuo is a Trinity senior and a staff reporter for The Chronicle's 118th volume. He was previously enterprise editor for Volume 117.


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