Crocs are my ideal shoe

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I don’t hold too many strong opinions, but I would die on the hill of Croc supremacy. Crocs are on the rise. Search data or stock prices: Crocs are mainstream footwear. I intend to convince you to ditch your current shoes and become a fellow Croc-head.

Crocs are affordable. I would go as far as to call them one of the best value-for-money footwear options. Not only do most Crocs cost under $50, but there are often sales that make them under $25! Couple this with amazing durability, and you get an affordable clog that will last you a lifetime. I believe that Crocs are an iconic summer shoe that will never go out of style.

Crocs are also just drippy. Crocs have so many iterations and hype collaborations. A personal favorite from my vast collection is the Lightning McQueen Crocs. Not only are these Crocs sick, featuring a clog draped in a Lightning McQueen livery from Disney Pixar’s "Cars," but they also light up when I walk. These Crocs were limited in quantity and are now resold for a lot. Crocs are hypebeast shoes, too! Crocs collaborations span entire industries, from movies to musical artists like SZA and Luke Combs to artists and fashion designers. Crocs has also announced a new, iconic “Shrek Croc.” Crocs continues to innovate and push the boundaries of footwear-brand collaborations.

Crocs are known for their versatility and customizability. A brand with the slogan “Come as you are” truly showcases the variability in its designs. Crocs feature so many colors, types of products and Jibbitz! Jibbitz are little charms that fit into the many holes in your Crocs. They add much character to your Crocs and help differentiate them. The Crocs brand has its own official Jibbitz-like characters, letters, symbols and more. There is also a whole community that makes amazing products! There are cute Etsy stores selling custom Jibbitz. TikToks showing everything from Croc headlights to mini replica Crocs are all over social media. There is even a DIY community for 3d printable custom charms. You can truly make your Crocs your own.


Plus, Crocs aren’t just clogs. You can get everything: slippers, sandals, platform wedges and even shoes! Need comfortable slippers for your home? Get some Crocs slippers or slides. Need something fashionable? Crocs has loafers, wedges and sandals. Be it rain boots or running shoes, Crocs have you covered. Crocs are also footwear for every season. Apart from all your normal summer Crocs, you can also get winter fuzzy-lined Crocs. I think there’s something so special about having warm fuzzy slippers in that iconic Crocs clog form factor.

People wear Crocs because they are comfortable. The proprietary Crocs material is extremely comfortable and lightweight. Over time, the Crocs sole molds to the shape of your foot. This, coupled with them being easy to clean, waterproof, grippy and soft, make them very popular. Healthcare professionals love Crocs, with Crocs even having an exclusive line of footwear for them. Crocs are also extremely popular with athletes. You can find Duke athletes riding around on their scooters showing off their Crocs. I have personally worn Crocs daily for the last 17 years of my life, and I have never once doubted their comfort.


To summarize, by not wearing Crocs you are losing out big time. Crocs are perfect, and you can always catch me flaunting my Crocs all year all the time.

I was not paid to write this article; I just wanted to express my admiration and fanboy over my favorite footwear brand!

Arnav Jindal | Culture Editor

Arnav Jindal is a Trinity sophomore and culture editor of The Chronicle's 119th volume.


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