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Years gone by

At times, I felt like a failed editor, like Recess was deteriorating because of me. Even writing that now feels so silly and self-aggrandizing. Recess is so much more than its editor. 

Living as a work of art

Is there a right way to “handle” our time in life so that we feel we are indeed effectively working our way toward a greater goal without sacrificing physical and mental health and depriving ourselves of intellectual nourishment?

Latest stories


I belong in the kitchen

A recipe book and a pristine kitchen that I can dirty to my heart’s content foster as much excitement in me as some find in front of a fresh canvas, a blank page or an eager audience. 


Reaching for zeroes

How does anyone, with a busy work schedule and social life, actually eat three square meals a day? Should I pay a doctor or therapist to answer these questions, or should I continue to spiral in the confines of my (now public) thoughts? 


A love letter to the sun

I’m grateful for many things: my wonderful friends, the promise of a beautiful autumn and the $5 Daily Devil Deal at Sazón. But, right now, I’m most grateful for sunlight.


Writing is the worst

I hate the moment you look at a blank page, and suddenly, words are supposed to flow, as if by some magical force. I hate the emptiness staring back at me as nothing comes to mind. I hate the openness of writing, your inner thoughts suddenly being known.