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Three "love" stories

Maybe she just loved herself too much. Maybe she was just not brave enough. Maybe she was afraid to find out that no relationship could ever live up to her expectations, not even her parents’.

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An ode to nature and Colorado

Not only was exploring nature one of the few activities approved of in my state during quarantine, it also seemed like a great reprieve from the insane amount of time I had spent cooped up in my house.


Grief, community and the new normal

On May 24, The New York Times printed on its front page the names of 1,000 victims, just 1% of the over 100,000 people who have lost their lives to COVID-19. Among them, a newlywed, a jazz pianist, an educator and a portraitist — all members of a greater community.


What Kobe meant to me

As a kid, I absolutely loved the NBA. The league had the biggest and brightest basketball stars in the world, and being the six-year-old dreamer I was, I wanted to be just like them