Seven days of Silk Sonic: How each song pairs with a day of the week

“An Evening With Silk Sonic” sends R&B’s new favorite super-duo into the stratosphere as Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak deliver their wondrous debut as Silk Sonic. The album is packed with 1970s fusion funk and R&B that hits nostalgia in a refreshing way. but even though the group takes us on such an exciting journey, “An Evening With Silk Sonic” is simply too short. Thirty-one minutes goes by swiftly, and right as our evening gets going, Silk Sonic says their musical goodbyes. It’s a tragedy with an album this enthralling, but what if we stretched that evening into a week? That way, the magic doesn’t have to end so soon, and every day of the week can be filled with partying, love, heartbreak and partying again, Silk Sonic style. Here’s a taste of how each track matches up to a day of the week:

Monday - Put on A Smile/Smokin Out The Window (Situational)

Mondays are the worst, and you might be longing for more than just the weekend. Relationships can be rough, and we can be brash about it and say good riddance or fall on our knees and hope your lover forgives you. “Smokin Out The Window” lays out the overwhelming issues in a dead relationship that makes even the smoothest serenaders complain while “Put On A Smile” hits us with rain and troubling storms, which could only mean you’re missing the person who usually brings the sunshine. Mondays are made for these moments, so make sure whatever’s tugging at your heart gets resolved in time for the next day. P-funk legend Bootsy Collins says in the song’s opening, “ain’t no shame beggin’ in the rain. Tell her how you really feel.”

Tuesday - Silk Sonic Intro/777

Tuesday is when the week really starts, and the “Silk Sonic Intro” is just the right way to wash away any Monday mood with a minute of pure excitement. Once you’re ready, it’s time to party because it’s a Tuesday! “777” is the go-all-out-and-get-crazy anthem, and while I’d caution you not to use up all your food points at the Loop Bar, I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Treat yourself, and trust me, your week will feel a lot better because of it.

Wednesday - Fly As Me

It’s the middle of the week, and you’re really feeling yourself. Nobody can ask you to do anything, and when you walk into a room, everyone stares and realizes what a Wednesday winner looks like. “Fly As Me” sets up the day’s groove, with flow from Anderson .Paak that’ll get you up on your feet and expecting one or two DMs from your new crush. It doesn’t get better than this – that is, until the next day.

Thursday - Blast Off

As the week slows down, your dating life might start to pick up speed, and those DMs turn into something with potential. Take the advice Silk Sonic dishes out on “Blast Off” and tip toe together to somewhere magical where the stars dazzle as bright as day. Buckle up with your “buddy” because when it’s Thursday party, there’ll always be that point in the night when “it’s time to take this party up and beyond” and “dance all night on Saturn’s ring.” Now, I don’t know what that means for you, but I hope whatever you do ramps up your week’s good vibrations.

Friday - After Last Night

Maybe your Thursday went really well, and you can’t get over the fact that you still have the entire weekend to look forward to. “After Last Night” might be playing in your head like a record on repeat, and that flutter in your chest means you found a love like no other. The feeling is better left described by Silk Sonic themselves, so listen to the song and have a little fun on your Friday.

Saturday - Skate

On Saturday, we should be in full wind-down mode, and “Skate” brings a tropical twist to the week that paints a sunny day at the beach. On campus, students aren’t rushing to their next class, busses aren’t crowded with sour-looking passengers and the seemingly limitless events really spell out the Duke Difference™ all in a day. Throw your worries to the wayside (or do homework in advance), so there’s time to really enjoy what’s out there. Go out, grab a bite to eat and check out the roller rinks in your area for a Saturday to remember.

Sunday - Leave the Door Open

Your lover hasn’t called back yet, but you know what? That’s alright with you! You were planning on resting all of Sunday to try and avoid the lurking dread we call Monday. “Leave the Door Open” epitomizes the soft-and-smooth-talk of Mars and .Paak, but their easy message rings the loudest on their track. “I’ma leave the door open” for whatever the Sunday brings is the right way to relax, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get that call in the end after all.

With this definitive, week-long Silk Sonic experience out, which day catches your eye the most? Are you still looking forward to the weekend? Or does the Monday blues sound a lot better than usual? We can hope Silk Sonic will deliver more music in the future, and even though the album ends too soon, I know I’ll be playing week after week after week.


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