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Letter: Happy birthday, Raj. We love you.

letter to the editor

On March 27 2020, we lost a member of our family, Raj Mehta. He was a brilliant dancer, a humble genius and a true friend.

If you watched Raj dance, it was unquestionably clear how much talent he possessed. Out of all the people on the stage, your eyes followed Raj because of the gracefully powerful confidence he exuded while dancing. He never simply danced—he always added his own personal flair to the steps we did, something that hinted at the sheer creativity of his mind.  And this didn’t apply to just his dancing. He always put forth his authentic self, whether it was with his amazing sense of style, his love for the projects he did in school, or with the way he made sure to show his friends just how much they meant to him.

Raj, thank you for sharing your smile that flashed from ear to ear and never failed to reach your eyes. Thank you for that laugh that emanated joy and lit up whatever room you were in. Thank you for the perpetual positivity and fun you radiated. Thank you for the shouts of encouragement you yelled out on stage when our muscles burned, when your muscles burned. Thank you for doing the most for the team—for each and every one of us. But most importantly, thank you for showing us what it means to live passionately and to love what you do. 

Raj filled our days with endless jokes, happiness and love. He took with him a huge chunk of our hearts, but he left with us a lifetime’s worth of cherished, meaningful memories to remember and honor him by.

Happy Birthday, Raj. We love you.

This letter was submitted by Parvathi Kumar, a Trinity sophomore, on behalf of the Duke Dhamaka dance team. 

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