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Letter: 'A one of a kind soul': Remembering Grey Spector

letter to the editor

Dear Grey,

The past two weeks have been some of the hardest ever, as they were the first of not having you in my life anymore. I’ve been trying to articulate what this loss means to me and to everyone who loved you so deeply, but no words seem to do it justice. The fact remains that the world lost a one of a kind soul whose impact will last a lifetime.

We met the first week of freshman year, and since then our friendship has grown into something beautiful. From being a casual acquaintance who was always filling the Pegram common room with beautiful music, to becoming the only person I could lean on in difficult times, you never failed to amaze me. I remember how our 3 hour dinner conversations would leave me speechless for hours to come, because listening to you talk left me awestruck and inspired. I have never met anyone so deeply thoughtful or so sharp-witted, and anyone who knew you would agree. Everything you said could have been taken straight out of one of the many philosophy books you were constantly insisting I’d love (and you were always right).

Aside from your brilliant mind, I have to mention your even better heart— a heart that cared so ferociously for the people you loved. No matter what, I always knew I could turn to you at my lowest points and you’d find a way to make it better. Every time I saw you, you lifted my spirits with your contagious smile, witty humor and the unwavering faith you had in me. I always walked away thinking that if you believed in me, there was nothing standing in my way. In fact, thinking back on those times has been instrumental in getting me through the past two weeks. 

Knowing you has been an honor that I will carry with me forever. I am so lucky to be able to look back at the memories we made together and to be able to cherish all those moments that I thought I’d have more of. From pulling all-nighters at the library, to delighting in your infectious laughter when Lúcia and I would dance around like maniacs. Each and every witty joke, eye-opening conversation and beautiful sentiment that could only come from our very own Greyson Spector. I’m just sorry we couldn’t have a lifetime of you.

Thank you for letting me know you, and for helping me get to know myself. Thank you for making me laugh endlessly, and for being there for me when I cried. Thank you for your love and support, and for always being your beautiful self.

We miss you so much and we’ll never stop missing you, but no matter what we will carry you with us forever. Rest easy, dear friend.

Love always,

Dina Daas

Dina Daas is a Trinity senior. 

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