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Letter: K-Ville, step up your game!

letter to the editor

Two years ago, I took my wife to the Clemson vs. Duke game in Cameron and was surprised to find that I was able to buy a ticket behind the benches in what used to be student-only seating. My first response was to be disgusted with my alma mater, assuming they had kicked students out of these seats so they could sell them.  I then found out that the most likely truth was that the students simply weren’t filling these seats, even for conference home games. Last night I witnessed with embarrassment a “TV-side” student section that was empty from the baseline extended! For a home conference game vs. Miami (who has beat us five times in recent years) on ESPN. Unbelievable.  A full, loud, and appropriately rowdy student section has been a key ingredient to success for the past forty years.  Don’t take victory for granted.  Y'all need to step up your game.

Concerned alumnus in Asheville,

Tom Large (T ‘97)