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Semifinalists set for undergraduate Young Trustee

A pool of nine semifinalists have been chosen for the position of undergraduate Young Trustee.

The semifinalists were chosen by the Young Trustee Nominating Committee and the list was provided to The Chronicle Friday night by YTNC Chair Yemi Kolawole, a senior.

Eight seniors and one sophomore make up this year's semifinalist group, which was chosen by the YTNC based on applications students submitted. 

After semifinalists are chosen, the YTNC interviews the candidates and announces finalists. Those finalists then move on to an undergraduate student-wide election, in which students rank their preferences among the candidates. Last year, four finalists were named from a pool of 11 semifinalists. 

The Young Trustee elected this year will serve a three-year term on the Board, one as an observer and two as a voting member. The election will be held Feb. 12 to 13, according to an email sent to students by Richard Riddell, senior vice president and secretary to the Board of Trustees. 

The semifinalists are listed below, in alphabetical order by their first name. 

  • Senior Archana Ahlawat
  • Senior Anna Merryman
  • Senior Brian Buhr
  • Sophomore Gaurav Sharma
  • Senior Jadesola Akinwuntan
  • Senior Jaida Lemmons
  • Senior Luke Farrell
  • Senior Trey Walk
  • Senior Tyjair Sadler