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Craving a slushy drink? Look no further than the Lobby Shop

The Bryan Center’s Lobby Shop has a cool new offering: a slush machine.

Since February, Coca-Cola has been testing the "Arctic Coke" cooler in various convenience stores around the country. The machine can turn a regular drink into a slushie—also spelled slushy and slushee—one. 

Now, it has made its way to Duke. So, how does the machine work?

Customers embark on their slush-making journeys first by checking that the fridge is at the right temperature. This is indicated by the green light in the top left corner of the machine.

Next, they choose from various Coke products stored at below freezing temperature for the base of their slushes—Coke, Sprite, Fanta or Dr. Pepper. Users then slowly tilt their cups upside-down and then back up. From here, customers place the drink on the platform and press the red button to watch their slush dreams come true.

A bright backlight shines through the bottle as ice crystals form inside, and a slushie drink is born. The Chronicle tested the Arctic Coke machine, and after mostly following the outlined rules for refreshment, we ended up with a faintly icy Dr. Pepper.

Tasha Tillman, who works at the Lobby Shop, said customers have been infatuated with the machine.

"A lot of people have been using it," Tillman said. "And when one person does it, a lot of people literally just stare at it. They get very fascinated with it.”


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