The Class of 2022 has elected its Duke Student Government Senate representatives.

The first-year class elected 10 students to represent them in the Senate out of 30 students running. 

The election, which ran from noon Thursday to noon Friday, had more than a 43 percent voter participation rate. Last year, more than 40 percent of the first-year class voted.

"I'm very pleased that The Board of Elections' first paperless election went so smoothly and saw 43.4 percent turnout," wrote Attorney General Anna Kasradze, a sophomore, in an email.

First-year senators for academic affairs: 

Vignesh Alagappan

Jackson Kennedy

First-year senators for campus life:

Jake Jeffries

DonoVaughn Tulloch

First-year senators for Durham and regional affairs:

Sophie Dalldorf

Luke Evans

First-year senators for equity and outreach:

Nehal Jain

Christina Wang

First-year senators for services and sustainability:

Dan Garcia

Sonia He