Duke Sport Clubs stand on a platform to fuel competition, cohesion, and commitment for all Duke students. As such, the Sport Clubs Executive Board views the DSG President as a key steward of the community who plays a critical role in everyone’s development.

Last week, the Sport Clubs Executive Board gathered to meet all the Presidential Candidates. All were articulate, well-thought, and passionate people, and we would like to thank them for sharing themselves and their ideas with us. As an organization with a strong entrepreneurial nature, we were looking for someone with a strong will to jump into problems, a vision with measurable metrics and intangibles that give a team energy. At this time, we would like to formally endorse Jackson Dellinger for DSG President. As a Board, Sport Clubs feels that his past investment into Duke, his plans and his personality align best with what we would like to see in our next President.


John Randall Syme, President of Duke Sport Clubs