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Letter to the editor

The Blue Devils United community stands with those affected and hurt by the actions of President Trump’s administration. We condemn any executive order that seeks to devalue the lives of American citizens and current or hopeful residents on the sheer basis of their ethnicity or their subscription to a certain faith. This administration’s choice to paint immigrants and refugees in a negative light echoes back to the most horrific periods of our world’s history.

Our community is one made up of individuals of myriad faiths and countries of origin—this small cross-section of the Duke community is as diverse as America itself. Actions seeking to oppress and belittle the lives of some of us are actions that hurt all of us. This systematic vilification of refugees and immigrants is a horrifying act of dehumanization, and we as a community will not sit idly by as this oppression is enacted and codified.

Blue Devils United stands in solidarity with those affected by this political action, both inside and outside of the LGBTQ community. We encourage everyone to reach out with acceptance and tolerance to those hurt by political actions such as these and, as always, to:

Be United,

The Blue Devils United Executive Board


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