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Letter to the editor

I don’t go to your school. I haven’t been in college since 1971. I’m a registered Independent who’s so worried about this election that I’m contacting college newspapers in swing states. I hope you will indulge me.

I was a fervent Bernie supporter. Since he lost, I looked into my options and here is what I discovered. Trump is completely unacceptable. I decided against Stein because she isn’t on the ballot on all fifty states. I discovered that Johnson’s platform has great social policies, but plans to eliminate Social Security, income taxes, financial and environmental regulations and privatize education.

I have always had doubts about Clinton, because she has been part of the political machine for so long. Still, she is competent and has done much for women, families and children. And, Bernie got most of his issues into her platform.

I recognize change will be incremental with her, but that seems so much better to me than the sweeping terrible change Trump would bring. To international security, the environment, choice, gay rights, police-community relations, immigration and everybody but the 1 percent—to name a few.

I’m all for a principled vote and have concluded that the principled vote for me is to keep Trump out of the White House. It is too crucial an election for me to not vote or to help Trump by giving my vote to a third party.

I’m voting for Clinton. Please consider voting for her, too.


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