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K-ville tenting to be monitored through new website

Krzyzewskiville tenting for the current basketball season will soon be monitored through a new, web-based platform.

Michael Marion and Oren Bukspan, seniors and head line monitors for K-ville, presented the final rules for the upcoming tenting season at Duke Student Government's last meeting of the semester Tuesday. They said that changes were made in response to the feedback received from last year's basketball season.

"We don't want to make the process hard for anyone," Marion said. "People should be rewarded for being in K-ville, not punished or discouraged."

A tent monitoring system will be introduced on to create tent rosters, view tent position and see any missed checks that have occurred. In response to concern from past tenters who missed line checks because the siren was not heard, line monitors will also implement more effective line check sirens.

"People shouldn't be missing checks so easily," Bukspan said. "We want people to be rewarded for being in K-Ville."

Marion also spoke of the revised "dirty tenting" rules, which now allow people to start tenting at any time during the black tenting or blue tenting periods. In previous years, late tenting was restricted to the first few days of each period, but both Marion and Bukspan said that people who are willing to tent longer than the next color group should be rewarded.

Several aspects of tenting remain the same from last year to this year, including the cap of black and blue tents at 70, and white tents at 30, for a total of 100 tents. Marion also clarified rules for the walk-up line for standard games and the game against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and commented that over 200 people were admitted off the walk-up line for the 2014 UNC game.

Black tenting for the Feb. 18, 2015 game against UNC will begin Jan. 8. Blue tenting will begin Jan. 18, and white tenting will start Feb. 1. Final personal checks for each tent will take place from Feb. 12 and 13.

In other business:

Michael Faber, manager of the Innovation Co-Lab, spoke to DSG about the Co-Lab grant program, which provides resources, money and free consultation to students interested in working on innovative projects.

Evan Levine, director of the Office of Infomation Technologies Academic and Media Technologies, spoke about changes in ePrint allocations that will be implemented in the Spring. In addition to the financial aid exemptions that are already in place, academic exemptions would be added, allowing students with heavy course loads to refill ePrint allocations free of charge.

"EPrint wasn't meant to be a hardship financially or academically," Levine said. "We think these changes will help mitigate some of the complaints seen so far."

Members suggested that professors whose classes require heavy printing also be involved with the academic exemption policy. The issue of allocations for student groups was also brought up, and Levine said that although ePrint is meant only for academic printing, there will be changes in coming semesters that allow student-run organizations to print.

The Student Organization Funding Committee recognized the Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee, a group that promotes dialogue about American-Israeli relations.

President Lavanya Sunder, a junior, also commented on the recent football game against UNC, where students were turned away from the gates as the stadium reached capacity.

"Although it's disappointing that student entrances were closed, it happens at basketball games too," Sunder said. "It's an unfortunate reality, but after the recent events, safety at the stadium will be bettered."


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