How crazie are you?

Incoming freshmen in the Class of 2017 will soon realize what it means to be a Cameron Crazie.
Incoming freshmen in the Class of 2017 will soon realize what it means to be a Cameron Crazie.

Freshmen, I know the months leading up to school can be nerve-racking. You might be memorizing your schedule (Wednesday Shooters, Thursday Devines, Saturday Shooters again), Facebook-stalking your future roommate, and eagerly trying to figure out which dorm will be coolest (probably with more Facebook stalking). 

And only adding to the stress: the pressure to know everything about the Duke basketball team. Spelling Krzyzewski isn’t easy, and neither is Zafirovski (it’s even been wrong on his uniform once, poor Todd). Other questions you might have: Will the Shooters bus pick me up from a Saturday night game... after all isn’t it Club Cameron? Can I rush AND black tent? Is it true I can’t leave the student section to pee during games?  

In the meantime, here are some questions for you as you ponder what type of Cameron Crazie you might be:

How dedicated will you be to going to games?

a) Might check out Countdown to Craziness, not sure after that

b) Will go to a handful of games, never spending more than a few hours waiting to get in

c) Will strategically tent for one night to get into Duke-Michigan, but might skip UNC

d) Mommy and daddy will see me on TV painted blue and in the front row at every game

On gamedays, you are most likely to use social media to....

a) Instagram a selfie of me and two friends in K-Ville (Hudson filter)

b) Vine the people around you during “Every Time We Touch”

c) Update your Facebook status every time Duke wins, including #GTHC regardless of opponent

d) Whatever, it’s always Tinder time.

Your favorite player is… 

a) Quinn Cook because I respect floor slapping

b) Josh Hairston because I respect somebody who knows his way around a beard trimmer

c) Rodney Hood because I respect the quiet swagger

d) Todd Zafirovski because if Todd’s playing, Duke is winning big

What big head will you bring to the game? 

a) Coach K 

b) That dude who I live with and want to embarrass on national TV

c) Flash-in-the-pan celebrity who’s going viral (think PSY circa fall 2012) 

d) P.J. Hairston’s mugshot, even when we’re not playing UNC

What are your feelings on Tyler Thornton? 

a) Love the scrappiness and hustle

b) Can’t quite figure out why he gets so much playing time...

c) I knew it was worth playing him because I knew he’d hit that clutch three

d) All of the above

How much do you hate UNC? 

a) Rooted for the Heat because they have Shane Battier, and they beat the Pacers and Tyler Hansbrough

b) My most-watched YouTube clip is Gerald Henderson nailing Hansbrough

c) Would never date a UNC student

d) Would hook up with a UNC student just to not call them back the next day

You might not understand all these references yet and even might not have applied to Duke knowing the basketball team is one of the best in the country. (A fact you’ll hear a lot: The Blue Devils have been in the top 10 every week since Nov. 19, 2007). But whether you turn out to be the craziest of Cameron Crazies and try to outdo the kid who dresses up as a Storm Trooper every game, or use games as an excuse to get some quiet time in Perkins, get excited for a fast-paced and thrilling year of Duke basketball. It’s going to be a good one.


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