In the midst of an impending election season and the recent passage of the Duke Student Government bill of rights, the DSG Judiciary wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of our unique role on campus. The Judiciary is the branch of DSG that deals with any and all disputes arising under the DSG constitution and bylaws. If you have an internal conflict within your student group, or an external conflict involving funding or group recognition, we are available as an outlet to voice your concerns. We also have jurisdiction over K-ville tenting policies and elections. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in your capacity as a candidate for office, a voter or a citizen of Duke under the bill of rights, it’s our duty to hear your complaint, and if necessary, convene a hearing. With that in mind, please feel free to contact our chief justice, Daniel Strunk, at if you have any questions, comments or formal complaints.

Duke Student Government Judiciary

Daniel Strunk, Trinity ’14, chief justice

Saher Valiani, Trinity ’13, associate justice

Gavin Forrest, Trinity ’13, associate justice

Kory Painter, Trinity ’13, associate justice

Joe Denton, Trinity ’16, associate justice

Max Schreiber, Trinity ’16, associate justice