Glover posts bail, awaits court date

Former Duke student Tyree Glover was released Saturday after posting bail.

Glover, a former reserve linebacker on the Duke football team, left Durham County Jail at 10 p.m. Oct. 1 after posting bail of $25,000, said Officer L. Holley of the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. There were no stipulations with his release, such as a requirement to wear a tracking bracelet or a revocation of Glover’s driver’s license. A new court date has not yet been scheduled for Glover.

Glover, then a sophomore, had been held as an inmate since April 21 following his arrest on drug charges. His bond was originally set at $500,000.

Holley said she did not know the person who posted Glover’s bail and declined to provide Glover’s release order, citing official policy.

Officers of the Durham Police Department arrested Glover April 19 in the 400 block of Gregson Street near Brightleaf Square with 29.6 grams of powder cocaine, DPD Public Information Officer Kammie Michael said in April. After obtaining a search warrant for his dorm room, Durham police officers found 72.4 grams of marijuana.

Glover was then dismissed from the football team April 20, “for conduct unbecoming of a member of the program,” said head coach David Cutcliffe in an April release.

Glover was charged with trafficking cocaine; possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a schedule II controlled substance; and possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a schedule VI substance.

The cocaine trafficking charges were dropped in Durham County District Court July 21, Holley said.

She added that she could not provide more details on Glover’s court appearances and reasons for the reductions in bail since April.

Glover was also charged with maintaining a vehicle for sale of a controlled substance, which is a felony.

Glover has played in a reserve role as a linebacker for the past two football seasons, appearing in 23 games, including 11 games last season. He recorded 12 tackles last year and played primarily on special teams. In 2010, he started against Wake Forest and had a season-high four stops against both Virginia Tech and Boston College.

Dean of Students Sue Wasiolek said in an email Sunday that Glover is not currently enrolled at Duke.

Although she declined to comment on specifics, Wasiolek noted that a student’s disciplinary record is evaluated in consideration of their re-enrollment.

“For a student to re-enroll, any decision on an unresolved disciplinary record would have to be finalized by the [Undergraduate] Conduct Board,” Wasiolek said. “That would weigh on the student’s eligibility to return.”


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