5 easy classes—for student eyes only

Registration windows open for all rising juniors and sophomores this week. But have you still not found any easy classes to fulfill some requirements? The Chronicle’s Amanda Young has compiled a list of five classes that will do the trick.

1.  Music 70- Music, Sound, and Style (CCI, ALP, CZ)

Freshman Kelby Brown recommends that anyone interested in music should take this class with Professor Anthony Kelley. “You just listen to classical music and analyze the texture and form,” Brown said. “I know it fulfilled some requirements because my football team let me take it. I also needed an easy class this semester.” Brown said that students are required to attend three live performances, write a synopsis of each, and they have two midterms.

2. Chemistry 83- Chemistry, Technology, and Society (STS, NS)

This class for non-majors fulfills a science requirement and covers basic topics, such as the scientific method. Professor James Bonk will also provide great entertainment. “The professor is super cool and just randomly talks about his life,” freshman Gracie Lynne said. “It covers basic things that you learn in eighth grade.”

3. Cultural Anthropology 94- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (CCI, CZ, SS)

For science-majors looking to fulfill a social sciences credit, this class is ideal for its simple topics and low time commitment. “With Diane Nelson, she lets you rewrite the papers and turn them in for a better grade,” freshman Billy Burns said. “The papers are pretty easy too.” Students study societies, cultures and people.

4. Psychology 11- Introductory Psychology (STS, SS)

Take this class with Professor Christina Grimes and you can easily fulfill a science requirement and learn about the mind. There are four multiple-choice exams and one short reflection paper. However, this class varies drastically between professors, freshman Hannah Maynard warns. Professor Karen Murphy has substantially more difficult exams.

5. Computer Science 82- Technical and Social Analysis of Information and the Internet (EI, STS, QS)

Wary of math but need a QS class? Computer Science 82 will do the trick. The synopsis reads that this class consists of “analysis of issues from a technical perspective with an emphasis on the role of software and the relationship of standards to social and ethical issues.” For the 2010 fall term, 214 out of 226 students said that the class required 0-3 hours of out of class work per week.


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