Vending machines get Duke makeover

Did you notice a breath of fresh air in the downstairs Bryan Center? Maybe tulip scented?

The vending machines outside the Post Office have new covers that feature a picture of a vibrant array of tulips from the Duke Gardens. Chris Brown, the Duke Student Government vice president for athletics and campus services, wrote in an email that it was "part of an effort by Duke Stores to improve the image of vending on campus."

Duke Stores director Jim Wilkerson said he talked to Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta about the covers and submitted 15 possible images. Moneta and his staff chose the one currently affixed to the machines, which cost $2300 and came from the Duke Store's marketing budget.

"We hoped that most people would like [the covers]," he said. "We plan on installing more around the institute where people are interested in seeing them."

Wilkerson noted that the overall response to the vending machine's new look in the Bryan Center has been 95% positive.

"There may be two or three unhappy comments, but overall they said the covers were better than the old ones," Wilkerson said. A few other responders also said they would have liked to see a different graphic, he added.

Brown was certainly someone who was pleased about the changes.

"I am a big fan of changes like this because they de-emphasize the corporate labels and bring the focus back to Duke," Brown said. "The students I have talked to have all liked the concept."

Wilkerson said he is happy that people are reacting positively to the change and he looks forward to having more installed.


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