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Duke student broadcasting network expands online

Duke’s student-run broadcast network has undergone a major makeover.

At their meeting Tuesday night, Duke University Union members discussed the changes made to expand Duke’s student broadcast network to include online coverage.

Previously, Duke’s broadcasting was limited to Cable 13, a student-run television channel featuring news, sports and entertainment pertaining to the University. Now, Duke Student Broadcasting combines a multimedia website, and the television channel.

The website contains various writings, videos and photographs created by both DSB staff and other members of the Duke community.

“In order to adopt to media changes, such as students now using the Internet to watch television shows, we had to make a lot of changes to stay relevant,” said DSB President Maddie Burke, a senior.

After joining Cable 13 her sophomore year, Burke said she knew the network would have to make significant changes to expand its online presence.

“I felt [DSB] was an excellent growth strategy for our program and the process began last semester,” she said. “Over the summer, the website was developed and we were ready for orientation week.”

DSB’s primary goals are to provide the Duke community with multimedia content as well as allow individuals to post their own work, Burke said. DSB also hopes students will use the website to learn more about multimedia.

“It’s produced by everyone,” said senior Will Benesh, vice president of external affairs. “It’s an opportunity for students to become actively involved in creation and distribution of the content—in both watching it and getting the content out there.”

With esteemed board advisor members that include John Ford, former president of the Discovery Channel, Burke said DSB hopes to broaden its knowledge about multimedia and continue to enhance its network.

Burke noted that the network is also collaborating with other student organizations, including various a capella and comedy groups, as well as Duke Student Government. DSG recently contacted the network to broadcast its meetings, she said.

“We want to provide an opportunity and insight into what the Duke community is talking about,” Burke said.

DUU President Yi Zhang, a senior, said she hopes advertisements and YouTube videos will be posted on the website in the future.

The new site received 654 hits in less than a week after its launch, but the group hopes the number will grow as the news spreads, Burke noted.


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