Cutcliffe Knows Importance of Alabama Game

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You could make the argument that Saturday's game against reigning champions, and current No. 1 Alabama, isn't that important to Duke. It's merely just another game. In fact, it's not even an ACC-game. Therefore, some could draw the comparison between this game and Duke's opening game versus the Elon Pheonix.

However, to head coach David Cutcliffe, this game means much more. In addition to his childhood roots to Alabama football program, Cutcliffe understands the significance of this upcoming contest to the Duke program and its faithful fans. All week long, the conversations around the Duke campus and general Durham area has focused around Saturday's contest against the Crimson Tide. Wallace Wade Stadium will seat thousands more than usual. Blue Devil fans whom have never before made it to a game will make it a point to see their team take on Goliath.

And all they want is one thing: respect. After years and years of losing seasons, they want redemption for a team that has finally begun to win games. And come Saturday, win or lose, as long as they give Alabama a run for their money, the fans will be satisfied. Their pride will be restored, and Cutcliffe knows that.

“Fans really hope the game’s respectable. That’s completely understandable," said Cutcliffe at his weekly press conference Tuesday. "We all have pride in our program and we all have pride in our team. It’s so understandable when we’re playing a powerhouse.... I want this team to be prepared well enough to win if things fall in their way.”


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