The Coach K-Nick Saban Connection

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Amid news that Alabama head coach Nick Saban was reading a book by head coach Mike Krzyzewski, Duke's gold medalist was asked at his press conference yesterday what he thought of tomorrow's game against the Crimson Tide.

I think it's great our athletic department has made this commitment to have this level of game here. That doesn't just happen. I think that Duke University has had great football.... Wallace Wade has been packed and there's been great games here—games of national importance.... I'm excited. I haven't seen our team play yet, but I'm excited about it.

Krzyzewski apparently sent his book to Saban after the Alabama coach appeared on his radio show this summer. Krzyzewski jokingly said it might be beneficial for Duke in lieu of Saturday's game.

I know [Nick Saban] a little bit. I think I sent him a free copy—that's the only reason he's reading it. I don't think I put a bill in there. That might screw him up for the game. Cut's got an advantage now.


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