Here are the results from NC’s 2024 primary runoff elections

The results for North Carolina’s runoff elections races are in. Voters took to the polls to cast their ballot in the remaining primary races to determine which Republican candidates will proceed to the November general elections.

The primary races were prolonged due to runoff elections. Under state law, a second-place candidate can request a runoff if no candidate in the primary wins more than 30% of the vote.

Registered Republicans, unaffiliated voters who voted Republican in March and unaffiliated voters who did not vote in March were eligible to cast a ballot.

The polls closed at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, and with over 95% of precincts reporting, here are the results of North Carolina’s runoff elections.

Hal Weatherman wins lieutenant governor primary

Hal Weatherman secured the GOP nomination with 74.42% of the vote. Weatherman faced Jim O’Neill, who earned 25.58% of the vote. The Associated Press called the race at 7:54 p.m.

In March, Weatherman secured 19.6% of the vote out of a pool of 11 candidates, while O’Neill earned 15.8%.

In April 2023, incumbent Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) announced that he would not seek reelection, and would instead run for governor. He will face incumbent Attorney General Josh Stein (D) in the November general election. 

Weatherman was previously the chief of staff to Robinson’s predecessor, Dan Forest (R). O’Neill is the incumbent district attorney of Forsyth County and was the GOP nominee for attorney general in 2020.

According to his website, Weatherman describes himself as a “principled limited government conservative — fiscal and social” and a supporter of former President Donald Trump. His platform emphasizes school choice, pro-gun and pro-life policies.

Weatherman will face State Senator Rachel Hunt (D) in November.

Brad Knott wins House NC-13 primary

Brad Knott (R) defeated Kelly Daughtry (R) in the Republican primary to represent North Carolina’s 13th district. Knott won 90.8% of the vote to Daughtry’s 9.2% with more than 95% of votes counted. The Associated Press called the race at 7:50 p.m.

In October 2023, the North Carolina General Assembly revised congressional and state legislative maps, which were expected to give Republicans a notable electoral advantage. The change led incumbent Wiley Nickel (D) to announce his retirement. The Cook Political Report rated the race “solid Republican.”

The district now covers Johnston, Harnett, Lee, Franklin, Caswell and Person counties, as well as parts of Wake and Granville counties.

Daughtry and Knott were both on the ballot in March. Daughtry suspended her campaign after Trump endorsed Knott in April, and subsequently endorsed her competitor alongside the state GOP.

Daughtry’s name remained on the ballot as her May 2 announcement came after ballot sheets had already been printed. If Daughtry won the runoff, the state GOP would have had to select a candidate for the general election.

Knott ran on a platform that defends Israel, stricter immigration policies, pro-life laws, “tough-on-crime” policies, a balanced budget amendment, school choice and gun rights. Knott resigned from his position as a former federal prosecutor to vie for the open House seat.

In the March primary election, Daugherty earned a plurality of the vote with 27.4% in a 14-candidate field, compared to Knott’s 18.7%.

Knott will face Frank Pierce (D) on Election Day.

David Boliek wins state auditor primary

David Boliek, a University of North Carolina Chapel Hill trustee, won 53.13% of the votes to secure the nomination for state auditor. He faced off against Jack Clark who earned 46.87% of the vote with 97% of the votes counted. The Associated Press called the race at 10:40 p.m.

Clark won 23.2% of the vote in March against Boliek’s 22.1% in a six-candidate field. 

Boliek describes himself as a “budget hawk” and “committed Christian” opposed to “woke diversity and equity policies.” 

Boliek will now face incumbent Jessica Holmes (D), who was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper (D), after then-Auditor Beth Wood (D) announced her December 2023 resignation.

Samanyu Gangappa | Local/National News Editor

Samanyu Gangappa is a Trinity first-year and local/national news editor for the news department.       


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