Krzyzewski: "I'm Not Interested" In NBA

Amid reports that an NBA team is interested in head coach Mike Krzyzewski—this time, the Cleveland Cavaliers—the coach was asked again today what his level of interest was in testing the professional waters.

And, just like in March with regards to the New Jersey Nets, Krzyzewski displayed no interest.

"For one, I never put my name in [for consideration]," Krzyzewski said. "It's okay that someone mentions your name and it's okay for me to say I'm not interested.... Again, I haven't been offered anything, so when your name is mentioned it doesn't mean you've been offered anything.... I'm very, very happy here at Duke."

Speaking to the media at the first day of his annual K Academy—a fantasy camp of sorts for older ballers—Krzyzewski did say he considered the Cleveland rumors flattering.

"I would say it's more of a compliment," he said. "It's not an insult, but you can't take it further than that because you're trying to milk the situation for the wrong things."

He finished his remarks as he often does—on a humorous note.

"My position hasn't changed. I hope Duke's hasn't changed," he said.


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