Visit The Chronicles of K-Ville Site!

Notwithstanding massive snowstorms and their effects this week, this is the time of year that Cameron Crazies embark on a journey known nationwide as tenting. And this year, The Chronicle is here to tell the tenters' story in a more interactive way than ever before.

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The Chronicle's multimedia team, headed by junior Maya Robinson, recently launched a site entirely dedicated to the Duke tenting experience. Sports writer Chris Cusack and photographer Addison Corriher, both freshman, are tenting together, and they'll be leading the site's efforts with frequent blog posts, photo slideshows, video updates and audio interviews.

Here's a brief description from The Chronicles of K-Ville:

Krzyzewskiville, better known as, K-ville, is a longstanding tradition of Duke students foregoing the comforts of a college dorm for the luxuries of a nylon tent and a zero-degree sleeping bag. Chronicle Multimedia will take you through the 42-day tenting journey with photos, videos and audio as Dukies transform into the infamous Cameron Crazies in preparation for the March 6 game against UNC. Check The Chronicles of K-ville daily for Chronicle photographer Addison’s documentary journal of 4 a.m. tent checks and sports writer Chris’ accounts of what it takes to be a true Crazie.


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