Schadenfreude: Ed Davis' Formspring Edition

Apparently, either Ed Davis or someone posing as Ed Davis (Jason Williams thinks its Ed Davis) has opened a Formspring account. For the uninitiated, Formspring is a social-networking website in which users answer anonymously-posed questions. (Just click the link at the bottom and you'll get it.) Anyway, Davis' Formspring account is a treasure trove of comedy:

in your own words..whats really going on..? I don't understand why we aren't winning..we are more then capable. by cteylor10

they didnt build rome in one day

You say Rome wasn't built in a day, do you think we're at the Seven Kings phase of Roman History, the Roman Republican Era, or have we progressed into the Roman Imperial Era? Please at least tell me we haven't reached the invasion and fragmentation period

the hell is u talkin bout

If I got a question like that last one, I'd probably shut down my Formspring account and cry. On the other hand, seeing the Evil Empire up the road compared to Rome makes me smile. Et tu, Larry Drew?

Luckily, other questions aren't so hard:

for the people criticizing u saying u aint got muscle and that u don't defend they just hating because they won't be making millions in the NBA


Boy do I love the Internet.


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