An Eight-Man Blitz From Cutcliffe

Coach Cutcliffe isn't only looking for student support.

I got a voicemail message today from the coach himself (okay, a recording of the coach himself or a really good impersonator) telling me that alumni are really important, and that he hopes he'll see me at the game against Maryland on Saturday. He also offered a deal: four tickets and a $20 gift certificate to the Wally Wade concession stands for $100. I totally would've done it if my grad student ID didn't get me into the games for free and I had a wife and two kids to take to the game. (What does it say about my love of the fried Snickers and frozen lemonades at the Wally Wade concession stands that I briefly considered buying the package just for the gift certificate? Hey, only $100 for a $20 gift certificate and four tickets I don't need? Sign me up!)

Anyway, thanks for the call, Coach. And don't worry: I'll be there.


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