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National Square Root Day!

(braden hendricks)Yes! It's back! It's finally come back!

After five years, one month and one day, National Square Root Day has rolled around again to once again provide meaning to the lives of math majors! I'm not a math major, but I'm happy for all two of my friends that are, because in this nation, everyone deserves a holiday.

How could the list of such meaningful and inspiring holidays such as National Anthem Day, I Want You to be Happy Day and Unique Names Day be complete without National Square Root Day? Answer: it can't. The best part of this list is that they all fall on the same day, March 3. (Which is tomorrow, but why not get started early?)

Of course, National Square Root Day is far more special than those common annual holidays because this day only happens nine times a century- even more rare than Thai military revolutions! (that's a shout out to Thai friends who don't read this blog) Wow! This is a special day indeed.

So how to celebrate it? Well, this article on yahoo! news gives some ideas, but I have better ideas. To commemorate the occurrence of such a tickling mathematical coincidence calls for only one thing: Mahjong, and lot's of it. (that's a shout out to all my Chinese friends who don't read this blog) Just kidding about the mahjong, btw.

No, what we really need to do is to get dressed up and go to Shooters! No? Not original enough? Keep in mind I'm doing this for the math majors-any excuse will do for them...oh! I know, to celebrate National Square Root Day we should all go to Crowell G Commons and play Rock Band. (that's a shout out to all my friends in Wellness who don't read this blog)

Dang, I'm all out of ideas. Maybe these guys have a plan—after all Facebook is the social nexus for any college event. But, no, doesn't look like it. Why is it so hard to think of something to do for National Square Root Day? I mean, the next time it happens, Barack Obama won't even be president! We have to act now while the good times last! (Pipe down, econ majors, you don't count) Oh, wait. Maybe I can't think of anything because America already has too many useless holidays...nah, that couldn't be it. This is all in good fun, right? Never mind all the useless calendars and Facebook event invites, everyone deserves a holiday.

I know, I'll just sit back and drink myself into a stupor while I do quadratic equations then call it a day. Woohoo! Go National Square Root Day!



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