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First Cut: North Carolina Fans and The Internet Being a Creepy Place

So in case you didn't notice, the Internet can be bizarre—particularly when you've been elevated to C-list campus celebrity status and have become increasingly Googleable. As I learned this past October, though, when I wrote the column, "Soulja Roy's Night Shames Duke's Blue-White", the Internet is also a place for "Tar Heels Fans for Meredith Shiner" to find each other and discuss the finer points of my... writing style? Ever since I discovered this little buried treasure last fall (it's amazing what friends, their boredom and search engines can do for the process of discovery!), I had intended to write an open letter to my adoring fans letting them know I'd be in their midst at the Dean Dome Sunday. Then I realized that in my last column, I basically wrote a love letter to Scott Van Pelt, so maybe a column with a bit more gravity and substance was in order this week. Plus, I was worried the article would only be funny to me, the kids on staff and my friends... and not you Joe Reader, or my father for that matter. That being said, and by the grace of this here Sports Blog, I can still share with you the PDFs from the members-only Inside Carolina 50-post thread on yours truly. Enjoy!

(Attention uber-feminist readers with weak stomachs for slightly misogynistic language: the documents presented in the following links might not be your cup of tea. Attention all other readers: EARMUFFS! Also, you might want to skip past the very first post on the first PDF, as it's just a re-posting of my column, which you probably didn't want to read the first time.)

Inside Carolina Message Board P1

Inside Carolina Message Board P2


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