Welcome to "After the Jump"!

Dear readers:

We are thrilled to upgrade our Election 2008 blog into a comprehensive Chronicle news blog, featuring daily posts on news of Duke, Durham and beyond. The title, "After the Jump," alludes to when an article "jumps" to a different page from the one on which it originally started, thereby linking to the rest of the story and illuminating more details on the topic.  Abiding by the metaphor (somewhat), we hope to use this blog to shine light on angles and stories that don't always make it to the print edition of The Chronicle, expanding our coverage and giving you all the inside look on current news. Moreover, we hope to make this a truly multimedia site, so look out for audio, video and visuals to supplement our written posts.

Charles Dickens said, "When found, make a note of" - a practice we hope to perfect through this blog.

-Shuchi Parikh, News Editor


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