Former men's lacrosse head coach Mike Pressler filed a defamation suit Wednesday against the University.

The suit alleges that John Burness, senior vice president for public affairs and government relations, intentionally made slanderous comments about Pressler after his coaching contract with the University was cancelled in 2006.

The suit also claims that Burness intended his comments to be spread to "the general public, through 'Newsday,' The Associated Press and on the Internet for all the world to see."

"As we have said before, Mr. Pressler reached a fair and final financial settlement with Duke University in 2007," Pamela Bernard, vice president and general counsel for the University, said in a statement. "There is no merit to this lawsuit, and it is yet another attempt to reopen a settled matter."

Pressler originally filed a breach of contract suit against the University, which he said violated a 2007 confidential financial settlement when Burness told reporters from Newsday that the difference between Pressler and current coach John Danowski was "night and day." He filed a motion to amend the suit to charges of slander last week.