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Lack of alcohol due to miscommunication

The failure of the DSG Student Services Committee to obtain alcohol for the Tent Masquerade Party was an unfortunate mistake that highlighted fundamental problems in DSG and wasted this year's only real opportunity for kegs on the Main Quad. Students are owed an explanation as to why the event was advertised to feature free beer and wine, but the 40 kegs and 200 bottles of wine never materialized.

The DSG Student Services Committee spent months planning this event, in conjunction with Campus Council and the Engineering Student Government; Roy Bostock and Director of Dining Services Jim Wulforst also provided generous support. Since student activity money cannot be spent on alcohol, CC funds, ESG funds and money from Mr. Bostock were to be spent on the alcohol.

Due to a miscommunication, DSG's Student Services Committee and CC each thought each other were to place the order. Once the mistake was discovered shortly before the party, newly-elected leaders of DSG and CC attempted to find kegs and bartenders, but could not do so within Duke's policies governing to the distribution of keg beer on campus. Current DSG leaders were also not present at the event and thus could not spend money to try and remedy the situation. Those present had to declare the event B.Y.O.B. and encourage students to bring their own alcohol.

This will not happen again-DSG is not a programming body and it will no longer attempt to do any programming. The Old Duke Party and the Death Cab/Franz Ferdinand show are clear examples of CC and the Duke University Union's prowess in such matters, and DSG will continue in its defined role of disbursing funds to student groups and lobbying the administration. We encourage CC or the DUU to make use of the alumni tents for a similar event next year, but it is clear from this and other incidents that DSG is not well suited to do so.

DSG's Student Services committee was in charge of the event, and this lapse was ultimately DSG's responsibility. I assure you, this will not happen again.

Elliott Wolf

Trinity '08

Duke Student Government President-elect


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