Public lacks understanding of conflict

As a non-Jew and a non-Muslim, I am tired of people talking about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as one between the two religions. We all know for a fact that Israel is a ‘Jewish only’ state, but its government policies against the Palestinians has led to violence, brutality and the desecration of the Palestinian people and their rights. This is the story of an occupation. An occupation that unlike other occupations of the world, has continued with the blessing of America.

The word anti-Semitism has been used as a shield to prevent the public from getting a true understanding of this conflict thereby further prolonging the peace process. We hope to educate the people about Israel’s policies against the Palestinians and how we can engage in peaceful disengagements processes.


Rima Mutreja

The author is a human rights activist associated with Al-Awda, Palestine Media Watch and the Palestine Children's Relief Fund


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