Nine questions with women's golf coach Dan Brooks

Top five golf courses.

DB: Crosswater out in Oregon, where we played for the championship. Becuase we play really great courses, it's hard for me to compare. The one we just played the championship at, that's a great course. Washington National. We played a champiosnhip at Landfall one time. That was great, it was a Nicklaus course.

Left-handed or right-handed?

DB: I write left-handed and swing right-handed.

Ever hit a hole-in-one?

DB: Yeah, I've hit a couple.

What's your handicap?

DB: Gee, Oui [Nirapathpongporn] always jokes with me because I'm actually a teaching pro. If I'm a five, that's probably a stretch--I really just don't play too much. At best, I'm a five-handicap. She'll cream me anytime we play.

Best you've ever shot on the Devil's tee over on the Wash Duke?

DB: I shot a 69 there once.

Hardest hole you've ever played?

DB: Edgewater in Lake Tahoe was a par 3, 135 yards long over water with wind in my face. I was in a college tournament. It was really hard. I think of that hole every time someone mentions 'hard hole.'

Best golf joke you've ever heard.

DB: Two guys are walking down the fairway and a funeral procession goes by on the road right next to the hole and the guy stops. One of the guys stops. No, he's down putting. It's been a long time.... He stops, looks up, and holds his hat on his heart. His fellow competitor comes by and says, 'You know, that was one of the warmest things I've seen you do. That was really really nice.' He says, 'Well, she gave me the best 10 years of my life.' Best 50 years. Something like that.

Best golf movie.

DB: Tin Cup, by far.

Will Leigh Ann [Hardin] or Oui ever go pro early?

DB: No, never. That's what I'm talking about. With Oui...she's arguably as good as Beth [Bauer]...but for her to stay in school and get this part done and learn as much as she can, that's automatic. That's who she is.

--compiled by Kevin Lees


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