CC opposes changes to fall move-in

Campus Council representatives voted unanimously Thursday night in favor of a resolution recommending that West Campus dormitories remain open the Monday before freshmen move into East Campus.

  The resolution arose in response to concerns from Residence Life and Housing Services about disciplinary incidents and flagging resident advisor motivation under the current system.

  Eddie Hull, director of RLHS, argued that by allowing West Campus residents a wide range of days for move-in--currently, dorms on West open the Monday before the week classes begin--RAs responsible for helping students get settled face long hours with little activity.  Pushing the first day of move-in back to Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the week before classes commence, RLHS contended, would concentrate move-in and thus allow RAs to use time more efficiently.

  "We get them all pumped up, and then it's like letting the air out of the balloon," Hull said. "That doesn't make a good dynamic."

  A number of council members countered, however, that the benefit most students gain from an extended move-in period far outweighs frustrating levels of downtime for the 69 RAs on West.

  "They can get a book," said senior Michael Grabarz, Craven Quadrangle representative. "They can play cards. It just doesn't seem like a huge tragedy, and it's an enormous benefit to the students."

  The council considered, but ultimately rejected, a contingency plan recommending RLHS permit students to check in between 9 a.m. and noon and between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on both Monday and Tuesday.

  "What do we tell someone who shows up at 12:04 after driving up from South Carolina and getting two flat tires and there's no one there to check them in?" Hull asked. "It's going to create ill will."

  Sophomore Basil Camu, Crowell quad representative, agreed.

  "No one's going to be thinking, 'The Campus Council is looking out for my best interests--I'm glad I can wait until the next [move-in] window.'"

  Members debated several of the seven proposed rationales, finding most controversial the assertion that incoming freshmen benefit from the presence of upperclassmen on West Campus during their move-in and orientation.

  Hull described the presence of West Campus activity during orientation as a distraction that sacrifices the opportunity for freshmen to get to know each other. Others, meanwhile, felt that seeing eager upperclassmen remains a shot in the arm for nervous newcomers.

  "These kids are flipping out when they open those envelopes--'I'm at college,' 'I'm a Blue Devil,'" said sophomore Jamie Campbell, member at large. "When they see upperclassmen glad to be back on campus early, they feel like they're in the right place."

  Hull said at the meeting's close that he did not know what course of action RLHS will ultimately decide to take.


  Junior Pasha Majdi, communications coordinator, said he is looking into the possibility of holding a keg party on the main quad.

  Senior Gerald Oliver, vice president, said council members will dye students' hair blue in the debut "True and Blue" spirit rally before the men's basketball team plays the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and before the women's game against the University of Tennessee.


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