Last Day co-chairs selected

Although it seems far away, Campus Council set the ball rolling Thursday night for its Last Day of Classes celebration in the spring by selecting this year's LDOC chairs.

The council named seniors Mark Pike and Tamara Wilson co-chairs of the event after hearing presentations from the six final candidates. They will be responsible for the planning and execution of the annual LDOC celebration, including the selection of a band and the coordination of other activities that day.

"Mark Pike brings an enormous breadth of experience to this event," Campus Council President Anthony Vitarelli said. "He chaired 2002's LDOC and did a hell of a job. Tamara will bring a breath of fresh air--she has tremendous experience and will do an excellent job. Campus Council evaluated their potential partnership and felt they would make an incredibly dynamic pair."

Part of the evening's discussion centered around the relationship between Campus Council and the LDOC chairs, as some members believed one chair should be internal to the council and one should be external, while others felt the two best candidates should be selected regardless of their previous Campus Council experience. They concluded that no Campus Council resume was necessary, provided the chairs become ad hoc members for the rest of the year.

The other major item on the meeting's agenda was a resolution drafted by Communications Coordinator Pasha Majdi allowing unaffiliated students to reserve residential spaces, which they are currently unable to do.

Since the council debated the resolution last week, it passed unanimously and without much discussion. Majdi, a junior, explained that the resolution would allow groups of 10 or more students who are unaffiliated with selective living groups to reserve non-designated commons rooms and spaces in McClendon Tower, provided those students take on the same responsibility for damages as other student organizations.

"We're trying to draw a parallel between student organizations who have the ability to reserve space and students who do not have the ability to reserve space," Vitarelli said.


Elizabeth Dixon, Duke Student Government vice president for student affairs, spoke to the council about a student web portal the Office of Information Technology is currently developing.

"It's sort of like an electronic gateway to the Internet," said Dixon, a junior, likening the portal to a Yahoo! homepage. "We want to cut down the hassle of students going to many different web pages and make it as easy or complex as possible."

She added that the portal would most likely include access to e-mail, a personal calendar, ACES and Blackboard, among other services. OIT will soon release a web survey, which Dixon encouraged members to complete, that will solicit student input about what characteristics they want the portal to have.


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