Letter: Facts point to necessity of football coaching change

What is it going to take for someone to realize that head football coach Carl Franks is the wrong man for the job? How many blown games that we could have won? How many bad play calls? How many bad coaching decisions? I am an avid Duke football fan. I have been to every home game while attending Duke, and I even made the trip to Annapolis to see Duke play Navy this year. While watching Duke play Virginia, a school that has a strong football tradition, I knew that we had the chance to win this game. But kicking a field goal on fourth-and-goal from the 3-yard line, while trailing by seven points with about eight minutes to go, just seems illogical. It is decisions like these, along with many others throughout the game (and in previous games as well) that frustrate me and make me call for the end of the Franks regime.

It is obvious to even the most casual fan that our Duke team is improved and has the potential to become a winning football team. While it may be said that Franks brought many of these talented players to Duke, that only makes him a good recruiter, not a good coach. Perhaps Franks could be retained in some capacity to assist in our recruiting efforts.

The core of this Duke team is clearly the defense. Most of the success of this Duke team is a result of the play of the defense. I credit the great coaching of defensive coach Ted Roof, and I think it is time that Roof got the promotion he deserves to become the head coach. With his credentials and inspiring coaching, promoting Roof would give the football program a better chance to win.


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