Editorial: Deal with construction

Recent campus construction is leaving few areas of the University untouched by crashing pipes and roaring jackhammers. A new project rerouting air conditioning lines and other utilities around West Campus brings those sounds close to the heart of West, right next to the Wannamaker dormitories. Like West-Edens Link construction over the last two years, this project gives many students an early wake-up call, dragging them from their dreams a few minutes or hours early.

Is this an unfair infringement of students' rights? Hardly. Following in a long line of students and others inconvenienced by campus growth, Wannamaker-area residents are sacrificing slumber a better University. Other students suffered similarly under Duke's march toward progess. Now, since work is not scheduled to begin until 9 a.m., and since the work is necessary for next summer's dorm renovations, which will help minimize future work during the year, students should not complain.

Construction is a recurring theme at a young institution like Duke, and students should learn to live with it.


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