Editorial: Central shelters needed

Administrators and students are once again mulling constructing Central Campus bus shelters. The concept of providing shelter for waiting bus riders from rain and other natural elements is, quite simply, far from new, and the placement of shelters near bus stops is long overdue.

Yet, planners have juggled the issue for years. They have understandably decided not to locate the often-unsightly shelters at the East Campus and West Campus bus stops, but they continue to fret over how to design the shelters for Central apartments. To say the least, Central Campus lacks the aesthetic qualities of its sister campuses; adding a few more unattractive structures should not make too much of a difference.

Considering the delays in getting such a small project completed, it is a wonder Central residents did not construct their own shelters years ago. Rather than becoming caught up by small concerns about design or price, administrators and students need to stop discussing and finally act.


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