The Ones That Got Away

Former Recess Music Editor Robert Kelley once touted The Kingsbury Manx as the "next big thing," a claim that earned him "Most Overblown Prediction" in Recess's "Best Of" issue, not to mention a few snickers from the naysayers. Give him a break. So what if Kelley's no Kreskin--you can't fault him for this one.

It looks like it's our turn to be mocked mercilessly. How could we forget to recommend Let You Down--the sophomore effort from the Chapel Hill natives--when it was released in September 2001? This album picks up right where the members of Manx left off the first time: impressing just about everyone who bothers to listen and continuing to make good on Rob's prophesy.

It's definitely a step in the right direction. The band shines, creating a soft and tranquil sound that flows effortlessly from start to finish. The perfect reprieve when you don't feel like loud and abrasive, The Kingsbury Manx crafts celestial rhythms and whispering melodies into a soothing mix that makes you want to run in slow motion through a field or stare at nothing for a long, long time. It's that good.

Consider this a renewed Recess mark of approval for The Kingsbury Manx. They won't let you down.

--David Walters


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