If you haven't found U2, then you must not be looking. The Irish rock band is everywhere recently--Olympic theme music ("Beautiful Day" in Sydney), Larry King Live ("One" in a post-9/11 montage), The World Series ("Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" was game seven's closer), NFL advertisements ("Bad," which is a welcome cut of mid-O80s U2), more montages about 9/11 ("Walk On," "Peace on Earth," lots of "One").

There are three schools of thought as to why Bono and the boys have made this sudden rise to the top of every Madison Ave. firm's most wanted list. There's the sellout crowd--you know, those hippie "music should be about music" types, who would sell out in a heartbeat if anyone was offering. There are the Aftermath folks--who think that as U2 is probably the world's most prolific and activist band, there is good reason to use their stuff given the current state of world and national affairs. And there is the Diehard crew--who want as much U2 as possible, especially given the way that it was chic just two years ago to call U2 the most washed up band in history.

Aside from the tracks above, Recess has compiled a dandy list of places and things you can liven up with a little Bono:

"Do You Feel Loved"--Walk of shame

"Even Better Than the Real thing"--Anytime you make a drink with Aristocrat liquor

"I Will Follow"--Secret Society Rush

"Where the Streets Have no Name"--Driving, especially in the maze that is Durham.

"Last Night on Earth"--Getting the sophomore girl to come back to East Campus with you.

"Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car"--Whenever a Duke sorority girl cries.


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