Six months after his arrest on charges of breaking and entering, rape, robbery and attempted murder, Bem Kayin Holloway, 21, was sentenced to 76 to 95 years in Wake County court Nov. 17.

Holloway, who pleaded guilty, still faces first-degree murder charges stemming from killings in Columbus and Robeson counties.

Holloway was arrested May 21 at the Emergency Department of Duke Hospital, a day after he held a mother and daughter hostage in their North Raleigh home, raping the younger victim twice at gunpoint and, at one point during the seven-hour ordeal, forcing them to withdraw money from a nearby bank. Both women eventually escaped.

Holloway lives less than a mile from the victims in the Stonebridge subdivision with his mother Karla Holloway, professor of English and director of the program in African and African American studies at the University.

During the attack, he bragged to the victims about killing a Wilmington woman. Holloway has been charged with this crime and the killing of a convenience store clerk; if convicted, he may face the death penalty.

The attacks came less than three months after Holloway was paroled March 6 from Western Youth Institution, where he had served four years of a July 1994 sentence for larceny and breaking and entering.

Although Holloway pleaded guilty in the Raleigh assault, prosecutors introduced videotaped testimony from the victims during the trial's sentencing phase.

Holloway's lawyer, James Crouch, declined to present evidence during this phase of the trial, citing a fear of incriminating his client in the upcoming murder trials.

Karla and Russell Holloway, who attended the hearing but did not testify on his behalf, adopted Bem when he was 4 years old.

Court dates have not yet been set for the two murder trials.