Whether or not a course will have make-up classes will be left to the professor's discretion, according to an email sent to department directors of undergraduate studies, program directors and assistant program directors by Lee Baker, dean of academic affairs for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and associate vice provost for undergraduate education. The make-up sessions will be held on weekends and on the first day of reading period, according to the email.

"We had to find days that did not conflict with large campus events that could not be moved," Baker said in an email to The Chronicle.

Professors who do not wish to hold classroom make-up sessions can explore consolidating material during upcoming classes or holding online make-up courses, Baker wrote in the email.

Duke has used this approach to make-up classes in the past, Baker noted. In 2004, two days were taken from reading period for make-up sessions, and in 2000, make-up classes were held on weekends.

Make-up sessions will use the following schedule:

Classes canceled Jan. 29 will be made up Saturday, Mar. 22.

Classes canceled the afternoon of Feb. 12 will be made up Sunday afternoon, Feb. 23rd.

Classes canceled Feb. 13th will be made up Saturday, Mar. 29th.

Classes canceled Feb. 14th will be made up Friday, April 25th.