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Ryan Brown



Saying "Yes"

The first thing I did when I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa last October was buy a car.


Something bigger than ourselves

The other day, I was on the C-1, diligently attempting to tune out the chatter around me. But like the sound of a Saladelia wrap being opened in the Carpenter Reading Room, one voice cut across the...


What would Geraldine do?

In July 1984, Geraldine Ferraro stood on the podium at the Democratic National Convention to accept her party’s nomination for vice president—the first woman in U.S. history to see her name on a...


Portrait of a Yearbook

Before Elizabeth Dole was North Carolina’s first female senator, before she was a would-be first lady and, in fact, before she was even Elizabeth Dole, she was the president of the student...


Tarnishing the fratstar name

About a month ago, I opened my e-mail to find a message from someone I didn’t know. “Dickheads,” the salutation read, “we are going to have a party on Saturday. As of now it is a valentines day...


Expand language T-reqs

The first time it occurred to me that I could have made better use of my foreign language T-req, I was in the back of a station wagon in Dakar, Senegal, trying to figure out how to say no to a...


YT: The drinking game

It is the day of the Young Trustee election, and as far as I’m concerned, that can only mean one thing: Time to play the History of the YT Drinking Game.


A Thin Spread

When Heather Hill was a child, the only foods she would eat were a few standard-order kid staples—mac and cheese, french fries, crackers and chocolate milk.

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