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Lauren Groskaufmanis



Creating the future

There are many who are not waiting for national or state leaders to reform healthcare, but are out in communities, working to enact change, demonstrating impressive results. We do not have to wait for national policy reform to make revolutionary changes on a local level, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.


Cost beyond means

The U.S. would be in a much less precarious situation if access to healthcare could be achieved by opting for a flip phone instead of a smartphone. However the cost of healthcare is many orders of magnitude greater than this difference.


New translations

When you think about the phrase “medical research” the image that probably enters your mind is a white-coated scientist, carefully pipetting chemicals, culturing cells or observing something under a microscope.


Weighty manners

One morning in prenatal clinic I was catching up with a patient early in her second trimester. The patient’s morning sickness had abated and she was excited about her pregnancy.


The myth of EMTALA

Some hold up EMTALA, full of self-righteousness, convinced that the wealthiest nation on earth does not allow citizens to die because of denied medical care. This confidence is misplaced.


Escaping chaos

Throughout the 2016 election cycle, it seemed as though political factions could not even agree on objectively verifiable facts. As a medical student, the tone was reminiscent of another familiar debate where opposing sides disagree on the facts and emotions run high: vaccination.


The problem with pink

If you want to help fight breast cancer, give the money directly to a credible organization that funds research or care. But don’t be fooled into letting a corporation take advantage of the breast cancer narrative and your generosity to line their own pockets.

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