Elizabeth Djinis


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Now or never

As a senior with graduation fast approaching, every moment inevitably becomes a “last” or a “close to last.” A little less than a month ago, I celebrated my last “First Day of Classes”—FDOC for those in the know.

The Duke Chronicle

Thank you to my car, and others

Recruitment and rush have always been my favorite and least favorite time of year on campus. Like most days at Duke, every day during recruitment feels like a year, since everyone’s rushing off from one flurry of social events to the next.


Pinhook concert series to fundraise for venue survival

On Dec. 11, Durham staple and concert venue The Pinhook celebrated its seventh birthday, firmly rooting the bar and entertainment space as a cherished spot in the community. But the milestone masked a sadder truth: the bar’s owner, Kym Register, had just recently learned that she owed over $80,000 in taxes that her accountant and book-keeper had missed.


Movie Review: Spotlight

'Spotlight' has been heralded as the new 'All the President's Men,' a movie glamorizing the journalism industry at a time when journalism isn't always afforded the kindest sentiments.

The Duke Chronicle

Countdown to life

It’s a little early in the year for nostalgic senior columns, and yet my last year of college has already brought nostalgia with nearly every experience.

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