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Conserving the craziness

I remember my first Duke basketball game. The C-1 was filled up by about 35 remarkably-awake freshmen toting chemistry and economics textbooks, carrying backpacks full of supplies—both scholarly...

Will the talented Austin Rivers have head coach Mike Krzyzewski again cutting down the nets?

Believe the hype with Rivers

The importance of Rivers’ commitment cannot be over-hyped, overvalued or over-reported. Now it seems as if Duke is the hottest program in college basketball, only a year after many analysts...

Head coach Joanne P. McCallie brought the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation to Durham this year.

Earning the extension

Recently, Duke’s campus has begun to focus its unwavering eye on the upcoming basketball season. And while both the men’s and women’s programs have important questions to address, one thing is for...

Palmatary writes that Lewis’s progression to the NFL is amazing when looking at his underdog past.

Don’t forget about Thad

Even though almost no one in the sellout crowd of 67,044 at the Edward Jones Dome for the St. Louis Rams opener took notice Sunday, the eyes of the Duke football community were looking down proudly.

Coach K is just one of the many figures on campus that Ben Cohen has interacted with in the last four years.

Asking the tough questions

Keep going, I thought. Keep going and your heart will stop pounding. Ignore the urge to bear right and find a seat in the Chapel. Don’t keep walking past the building. And don’t you dare stop at...

When the Blue Devils defeated James Madison in David Cutcliffe’s first game as head coach, Duke students chanted “BCS! BCS!” at the players.

23 days since Indianapolis

Every day, it gets a little harder to believe. Duke won a national championship, and I was there. I was on the court two minutes after Gordon Hayward missed that shot that no Duke fan will ever...